Thursday, August 9, 2007

to create

my friend Chad is quite the artist - especially when technology and art intesect. my friend Josh is amazing with a paint brush or pencil in hand. my other friend Josh, my sis-in-law Brittany, and my mother-in-law blow me away with what they can capture with a camera. my brother Jeremy can brew his own beer. Sarah knits. Hannah sews. Dru makes "Rummy Royal" games for all her friends and teaching aids for her AND her sister. my husband can make anything he wants out of wood. Cindy writes songs, and she can make anything short of afternoon tea sprout and flourish in her garden.

i don't make anything. or didn't. but i want that to change. i want to learn. to try. mostly i haven't tried because i haven't been brave enough to try things i'm not already good at. it has taken me 28 years to recognize this ridiculous fear of failure as ridiculous. i've not conquered it, but i'm trying.

so.... i painted. it was a perfect perfectionist's first project: decor for a child's room. that way when the pictures turn out to look like they were done by a child, it's ok! :)

anyway, they're hanging on the wall above Morgan's bed. and they're terrible. but i painted! :)